Forex Trading

novembro 14, 2023

10 signs you may not be cut out for a developer job

Others, like the drowning machine sign or the warning at a bulk foods store, added a sense of imminent danger or unpredictability to everyday locations. The […]
abril 7, 2023

Inside Bar Pattern Price Action Strategy Explained With Examples

As discussed earlier, as long as the first candle covers the first candle, it is an inside bar pattern. Note how the price continues to trade […]
janeiro 13, 2023

Reflex: Hurtowe ceny paliwa mogą wkrótce spaść Puls Biznesu

W końcu jednak ujawniono, że Berkshire Hathaway – fundusz, którym zarządza miliarder, posiada 26 milionów akcji, wartych około 6,7 miliarda dolarów, w firmie ubezpieczeniowej Chubb. Zrobiło […]
dezembro 12, 2022

Engulfing Candle: How to Trade with Bullish and Bearish Candlestick Patterns

The pattern is common in financial markets and is easy to identify. The appearance of a pattern on higher timeframes signals a more global trend reversal. […]
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